Women's Down Jacket WHOLESALE: maximum comfort and practicality

Women's jackets for several consecutive seasons in the present fashion collections outerwear. Representing an incredibly comfortable, stylish and functional clothing, jackets are perfect for women of all ages and in different fields.

WHAT IS AND WHAT down jacket its distinctive features?

Down Jacket - this volume outerwear, filler which appears natural down. Quality down jacket even at -40°C cold for a long time keeps the heat, does not absorb moisture and can not be deformed. To avoid clumping down and, as a consequence, weighting them down jackets and losses warming properties, in the manufacture of the clothing used fluff waterfowl (goose, duck, eider and even swan). Use for filling clothes exclusively one type of down makes the product very expensive, so in order to make quality jackets more affordable without losing their insulating properties, often added in the fluff, feather.

Popularity feather due to the following advantages:

  • They are not demanding to himself in care (subject to both manual and machine washable, dries quickly and does not require ironing).
  • Puffs are the most warm clothes for the city.
  • They are very light and compact.
  • Do not hold down jackets movements do not get wet and windy.
  • Presented in a variety of styles and colors.
  • Go perfectly with both trousers and jeans, and with skirts and dresses.

Quality down jackets: wholesale and retail

Internet-shop «Milhan» offers you a huge selection of beautiful, stylish and high-quality feather domestic production at competitive prices. On our shop milhan.ua You can buy women's jackets wholesale and retail in Ukraine and Russia of different shapes and styles. Timely processing of orders, competent advice, quality materials, low prices and warranty on all products will allow you to purchase a profitable winter outerwear excellent quality.



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