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    11B Брюки 11B Брюки

    11B Брюки


    Стильная модель со средней посадкой для тех, кто всегда хочет оставаться в тренде.

    800 грн.
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    93B Брюки 93B Брюки

    93B Брюки


    93-теплые брюки на флисе

    1 300 грн.
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    58B Брюки 58B Брюки

    58B Брюки


    Брюки №58 В - со светлым металлизированным декором или с тёмным металлизированным декором.

    1 300 грн.
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    58 Костюм 58 Костюм
    Reduced price!

    58 Костюм


    Костюм №58 для прогулок по городу, путешествий и занятий спортом.

    1 650 грн. 2 600 грн. -950 грн.
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    Stylish elongated hoodie Stylish elongated hoodie

    Stylish elongated hoodie


    Stylish elongated hoodie straight silhouette of knitted fabric on the flock (thin fur).

    1 550 грн.
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    22 Костюм 22 Костюм
    Reduced price!

    22 Костюм


    Женский спортивный костюм №22

    1 650 грн. 2 600 грн. -950 грн.
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    3277 Брюки 3277 Брюки

    3277 Брюки


    Модные брюки свободного силуэта с карманами.

    900 грн.
  • Available sizes
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    3500 Худи 3500 Худи

    3500 Худи


    Модное удлинённое худи свободного силуэта с карманами.

    1 070 грн.
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    32 Толстовка 32 Толстовка

    32 Толстовка


    Толстовка №32

    1 580 грн.
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    3008 Костюм 3008 Костюм

    3008 Костюм


    Кофта на молнии и свободные брюки – идеальный костюм для прохладной погоды.

    2 500 грн.

Thanks to the Milhan women's clothing store, you will never have a question where to buy a quality and inexpensive training suit. In our online catalog you will find fashionable sportswear novelties, we have only the best models available at low prices.

High quality materials, anatomically correct cutting, manufacturability and unique design are the advantages that will allow you to choose a suit for your requirements. These sportswear are great for sports, it does not hamper the movement and is easy to use.

After all, you see, it is always important to feel comfort and confidence. On sale women's sports suits of large and small sizes, various styles and colors - white, gray, black, red, green, etc.

We regularly arrange sales so you can order at reduced prices. Buy a sports suit you can right now in the online store, or by phone indicated on our website.

Tracksuits: excellent quality and style!

Available in stock and in a wide range, women's tracksuits are made in accordance with fashion trends. Sophistication of style, the eternal beauty of classic color combinations is complemented by the brightness of monochrome solutions, the contrast of decor, the perfection of cut.

In our assortment there are good quality suits for girls, able to replace everyday clothes. Such models are sewed from the highest quality materials in the light of fashion trends and are able to please the most demanding customers.

The MIlhan online store features original training suits for every taste and budget. Products are functional, meet the highest requirements, decorated with embroidery, prints and applications. Sets (trousers, jacket), sewn for beginners, are beautiful, practical and comfortable.

Contact us by phone, and we help you navigate the product catalogs, choose the product range that suits you.


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