Jacket is an indispensable attribute of the female wardrobe. This versatile type of clothing perfectly complements the image of a woman underlines its attractiveness, while performing its main function - protection from the cold.

Plunged into history

Credited with the invention of the first jackets French, who brought this new kind of clothes into the Russian Empire. Originally used as a women's jackets sportswear for winter sports and had straight leg with detachable waist, short or knee length reaching. This inconspicuous clothing remotely resembled men's jackets and fastens with buttons or hooks. Over time, the design was changed jackets, refinement and development. Along with sports jackets appeared classic, close-fitting and elegant model of this garment. Today, manufacturers offer to buy women's jackets wholesale and retail, are distinguished by their style, color, material and finish.


Women's Jackets for its intended purpose, divided into: snow, demi and windbreakers. Winter jackets are designed to withstand the model extremely low ambient temperatures and abundant precipitation in the form of rain and snow. Quality winter jackets do not get wet and do not miss the wind, thereby creating maximum comfort during the stay of the person in the street. Demi model outerwear designed for above-zero temperature environment, and the main purpose of these jackets is to protect a person from rain and wind. Coats are light loose jackets, not adjacent to the body and provide free air circulation, usually wear them in the warm spring months to protect against low-energy wind and warm rain.

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