Clothing should be not only fashionable but also warm and comfortable! Of course, in the world of high fashion, in the struggle between beauty and comfort, the second factor becomes the first victim, but the dynamic daily life dictates its own rules of dress codes that govern how ordinary people, and representatives of cinema, show business and politics. And first, what is all women agree that it is more convenient and practical light feather no outerwear.

With the advent of 90 last century on the global market universal feather, leather, fur and suede again entered the elite rank of outerwear designed exclusively for special occasions. More and more women around the world choose to work, leisure and shopping trips namely jackets - breathable, does not constrain movement and comfort. Connoisseurs of jackets and coats have become Hollywood film star Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, singer - Madonna, Kylie Minogue, but what really far - Ani Lorak and other representatives of the domestic glitterati also succumbed to the charm, convenience and comfort of modern feather.

Company Milhan one of the first in Ukraine began producing high-quality original jackets weatherization country and world trends. Leading domestic designers constantly develop bright original collection of jackets and coats, in which each woman will feel confident and comfortable. We propose to buy jackets in Dnepr, Kiev, Donetsk and any other city in the country at affordable prices online, which presents a wide range of outerwear, detailed dimensional grid and a description of each model.


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