Ukrainian winter weather brings a lot of surprises and Donetsk - is no exception : it snows regularly, delighting beauty snowy steppes lovers of winter outdoor fun. However, fashionistas eastern region of the country are not afraid of the cold and frost down jacket coat thanks Milhan.

Coat itself as a kind of outer clothing, first appeared in the Netherlands in the XVI century, and translated from Latin means "coat". In civilized Old World fashion robe with sleeves come in 90 - egody XVIII century and first won the attention of representatives of the stronger sex - aristocrats who want to emphasize their elegant mill and respectability, and then his beautiful half feel the charm of comfortable clothes. In Tsarist Russia, according to VI Dahl advantages coat fashionmongers felt immediately, not wanting to change the usual coats, raincoats and overcoats on newfangled outdoor clothing from France. However, you can not argue with fashion and once firmly coat came into use, many couturiers of the time began to give him the names of foreign princesses and noble ladies - Madame de Pompadour, Princess Charlotte, Lalla Rooke and others. A long time had a coat conservative austere appearance, retaining the style of business clothes, while designers did not integrate it with new materials and technologies, allowed to create light, practical and versatile coat - jackets.

Currently leading domestic manufacturer of outdoor clothing in Ukraine is Milhan, offering to buy a coat in Donetsk, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, and any other city in the country online, which provides detailed dimensional mesh, price and description of each model. Trendy elegant design, noble color and expensive hardware elongated feather makes them versatile and gives you the opportunity to wear in everyday life and at work.


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