With the arrival of cold weather, you can think about the question how to choose a down jacket? Yes, and how to do without this warm and light outerwear, if you are young and mobile, prefer a jacket that does not hold down movements, and dress in sports style?

winter women's down jacket

Well, it's time to shop. Just first think carefully - on what grounds are you going to choose a down jacket?

The main thing when choosing a down jacket for the winter is a filler. In Ukraine, it is customary to call a down jacket any jacket with heat insulation, even of artificial origin. We selected the most important tips on how to choose and buy a down jacket for the winter.

1. Fabric
Milhan's brand winter women's down jackets are usually made of moisture-resistant synthetic fibers. They do not allow wet downy filler.

This in turn does not form lumps. Primaloft or nylon is most commonly used. Women's winter down jacket with a hood of this type will reliably protect from the weather, even without a hat.

2. Weight
Women's winter jackets down jackets can be thin and light, but perfectly protect from frost. And the smaller the weight of the down product, the better. At first glance it seems an absurd assumption. But the feature of sorting insulation confirms this. That's why Milhan brand down clothes are so light. And the excess amount of filler, which happens in cheap products, does not allow heated air to circulate. This reduces the insulating properties to a minimum.

3. Color
Color solutions of women's winter down jacket abound. In fashion collections you can find both calm and bright shades. Popular in the new season: black, gray, white, beige and red.

color of down jacket

4. Manufacturer
When choosing a downy product, consider which manufacturer has released it. The most suitable will be firms located in countries with your climate, where you will wear them. These jackets will be adapted to severe temperature extremes. Milhan company knows everything about Ukrainian winters.

5. Durability of hardware
The strong, reliable accessories of McTailor will also be evidence of quality. Buttons, buttons and zippers - everything should be free of cracks, irregularities, scratches and other flaws.

6. Quality sewing
Trying on the jacket, make sure that the feathers do not pierce the fabric. If you feel tingling, it will be very uncomfortable to walk in this jacket!

The seams on the quality down-padded coat are even and strong, without crawling out. The lining is also stitched, which does not allow down of fluff.

The cuffs of the sleeves, the bottom of the jacket or the belt at the waist should be in the form of an elastic band - this ensures that no cold gets under the down jacket.

Where to buy women's winter down jacket?
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