Women's coat wholesale from the manufacturer

Among the huge variety of clothing most feminine and elegant is the coat. Highlighting all the lines and curves of the female body, and visually extending shape, making it slimmer coat is a symbol of style, elegance and regularity. Modern manufacturers offer to buy a coat wholesale and retail, are available in different styles, styles and materials production.

FASHION coat introduce that in 2016-2017

Collection of fashionable women's clothing this year, in addition to the strict and elegant models contain and light, slightly playful coat, great girls who lead an active lifestyle. Truncated model, processing fur and are the original items in the design as large buttons and loops them interesting, unusual pockets, cut sleeve, saturated colors, can significantly extend the range tsinytelok women's coat.

Materials sew coats must have flexibility, plasticity and good insulation properties, allowing you to create a refined and elegant image and maintain the necessary body temperature. These properties are inherent to traditional materials for making coats, woolen cloth, cloth, tweed, gabardine, cashmere, wool, Castor with a short nap. Also in the production are widely used coats fabrics such as knitwear, leather, Dubliany fabric, knitted and artificial fur, soft fleece, leather - fleece and fleece - boucle.

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