Donetsk - one of the most industrialized cities in Ukraine, known since 1869 as a metallurgical center, outdoor young Welsh businessman John Hughes. Even then Donetsk showed the world the vast economic potential and acquired the status of a leading "nurse" of Ukraine , adapted to international standards of work and absorbed European standards in all spheres of life , including clothing. It is here that once originated Donetsk knitting factory, which was famous for high quality lingerie for the whole Soviet Union and provided guests grandiose 1980 Olympics clothing with sports symbols. And it is here now know a lot about the outerwear - a large audience of consumers in Donetsk chooses jackets TM Milhan.

Clothing from domestic producers Milhan created weatherization Ukraine from Donetsk region inherent steppe winds protects high-quality dense fabric with a special water-resistant and water-repellent , frost characteristic of Donetsk in the period from late December to mid-March, makes the specific heat and filler products fur, and fashionable style and unique way to provide the best designers, embodying in the spring and summer and winter jackets latest and modern designs.

Donetsk, due to intensive development and purposeful demanding population, has always kept up with fashion and time and always chose the best! That's why here Milhan TM brand number one offering the robe in the optimal price-quality ratio.

The company appreciates each Milhan a buyer offers to buy and spring-autumn and winter jackets in Donetsk affordable online


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