As a rule, demi-season clothing is used in spring and autumn, because it is an excellent variant of protection from the weather, which is not so hot, but not frosty. During this period of time people often catch cold due to hypothermia, naively believing that it is already quite warm outside.

Why in the demi-season jacket company Milhan does not use natural filler? There are several reasons for this - the cost of jackets would increase, and the price would become less affordable, and also it becomes much more difficult to care for them.

Primaloft (Synthetic down) №120, made with all the requirements, is able to effectively retain body heat. Jackets made of it for a long time retain their characteristics. And when washing, it does not fall into a lump, which means that the jacket will last longer than with natural filler.

Primaloft is a modern series of ultra-thin polyester fiber insulation. Due to the fact that these fibers are very soft and thin, as well as their special hollow structure, PrimaLoft provides excellent thermal insulation properties with low weight. At the same time, we recall that it is not the clothing that warms us, but the air layer that it forms, so when the insulation gets wet and the “air pockets” are lost, along with them the insulation is lost. PrimaLoft fibers create a dense surface tension, which prevents moisture from passing through the insulation, retains the wind, but does not prevent the evaporation from the body.

New lightweight jacket Milhan 1823
This version of the lightweight jacket is a real “must have” of any modern girl’s wardrobe.

Ideal for all girls regardless of age, style and body type. The cut is rather laconic, with minimalism in details. It is made on technology of 2-sided tailoring.

A comfortable length to the hip line, in combination with a loose-fitting silhouette, visually lengthens the legs and stretches the silhouette.

jacket 1823 length to the hip line

Feminine figure emphasizes horizontal stitching and low stand-up collar.

1823 jacket horizontal stitching and low collar

At the bottom of the jacket there are 2 pockets with hidden zippers.

2 hidden zipper pockets

Made of high-quality polyester with a water-repellent impregnation, the jacket is not afraid of precipitation, and machine wash at home, while maintaining a presentable look for a long time.

Available in 3 colors: peas, blue and beige melange.

Material: 100% Polyester

Lining: 100% Nylon

Filling: Primaloft

Accessories: plastic and metal

Sizes: 34 to 40 (European)

Back length: 60 - 66 cm

Sleeve Length: 65 - 66 cm

Functional features

Season: Spring and Autumn

Cold protection: +5 to +18

Fit: free

Type of fastener: metal buttons

Pocket type: 2 bottom pockets with hidden zips

Cuffs: no

Breathable fabric

Water repellent impregnation

1845 jacket
A shiny jacket for a bright future!

This season's most fashionable short demi-season shiny jacket. It has a semifitted silhouette.

Sewn from high-tech lightweight materials: Nylon (top and lining) and Primaloft (filler).

1845 jacket lining nylon

The collar is fastened with a very convenient magnetic button, which is closed with a slight movement of the hand. Also a hood is inserted into the collar when it is not necessary.

jacket 1845 collar

The silver jacket is fastened with a reliable metal zipper.

1845 zipper jacket

Bright and fashionable colors: metallic silver, metallic champagne and metallic blue will create a bright brilliant mood and self-confidence even on an overcast day.

1845 color jacket

The shiny jacket is made in 32, 34, 36 and 38 European sizes, so it is perfect even for teenagers and schoolgirls.

Material: 100% Nylon (raincoat fabric)

Lining: 100% Nylon (raincoat fabric)

Filling: Primaloft ® (Synthetic Fluff) №120

Accessories: plastic, metal

Sizes: 32 to 38 (European)

Back length: 62 - 65 cm

Sleeve Length: 65 - 66 cm

Functional features

Season: Spring and Autumn

Cold protection: 0 to +18

Fit: semi-fitted

Type of fastener: one-sided front

Snake: central - plastic, pockets - hidden zippers

Type of pockets: 2 front pockets with zippers

Hood: there is, hidden in the collar