Raincoat fabric that we use in our models:

  1. light and flexible;
  2. to some extent provides gas exchange; 
  3. retains body heat;
  4. strong, reliable, durable;
  5. not afraid of UV radiation;
  6. does not fade;
  7. not deformed;
  8. easy to clean.

Hypoallergenic biopsy: artificial fluff perfectly copes with the function of insulation and in many ways superior to its natural counterparts. Biopur – an environmentally friendly material. This is one of the first fillers on a biological basis. It is free to protect from frost to minus 35-40 degrees. It has a spherical three-dimensional structure. The prototype of the structure for the developers served as a natural Swan's down. The composition of ecouche identified the advantages of this material as a filler for clothing and home textiles. Currently, it is one of the cutting-edge fillers for down jackets.

Advantages of biopsy

The biopsy does not roll, does not break into lumps. Biopsy does not saturate moisture, it is moisture resistant. It has light weight and high thermal insulation properties. Does not cause allergies, acopuj — allergenic. It is completely environmentally friendly and safe material. It has high biostability, which means that it does not rot, does not decompose, it does not reproduce fungi and bacteria, mites and moths. The biopsy does not absorb odors, it is interten.

The fibers of the biopsy do not come out through the seams and fabric. Quickly restores its original volume after crushing and washing. Provides effective heat saving and frost protection up to minus 40. It is a durable material. It does not deform or lose volume, thickness and shape during the entire period of use of the product. Biopsy can be washed many times. It is allowed to wash in the machine. It dries quickly, in just a few hours, does not roll down and quickly returns the volume filling.