First of all, you need to define your requirements for winter outerwear. The jacket should be warm, waterproof, light and stylish.

Recently, the top manufacturers of women's clothing offer us a number of different models of jackets. In this article we will focus on a new type of winter jackets for women - parkas.

женские куртки парки

Parka – is a universal type of women's winter jacket, which appeared on the market a few years ago and has become very popular among both women and men. Speaking about the benefits of parkas from the manufacturer, we can say that this universal thing is the most convenient for the cold seasons, stylish, and, of course, warm.

Parka jacket is made of breathable material with porous structure. Membrane fabric makes quality of jackets incredibly resilient. Additional comfort to you creates a special lining that absorbs body heat, and at the same time provides protection from external climatic influences, whetherit is cold or rain. Considering the lining closer, you need to choose fur that covers it. So, if you are a lover of artificial fur, we offer you female Milhan parkas on artificial sheepskin.Modern technologies allow us to develop artificial fur, which is very close to natural with its heat-resistance. In addition, the parka with artificial sheepskin looks very natural, and will notlet you freeze on the coldest winter days. We also offer you parkas with natural raccoon and fox fur. Parka has a convenient deep hood, which is also decorated with fur, and has additional warming. For easy washing detachable fur. For easy washing the fur is detachable.

When choosing this type of outerwear, it is worth to know that there exist mandatory elements of the right sewed women's parka - the presence of slimming lace at the bottom of the product. Classic parka is fastened with a zipper, which is hidden under astrip with buttons, which also contributes to isolation of parka from wind.Of course, the design solutions of parkas design are very varied? And you can meet parkas equipped with lots of pockets, great accessories variety, buttons and so on.

Let’s consider the main criteria when choosing parkas:

  1. Choose parka necessarily with fur lining made of artificial or natural fur. If your choice has stopped on artificial fur – parka must necessarily be with a lining made of syntepon, or down with a feather.
  2. The fur of lining and hood must be necessarily detachable for convenience when doing laundry. In addition, it will give you an opportunity to wear parka during the warmer year season, but not just at the frosts.
  3. Park lining should be double. One is spring, the second is winter with fur.
  4. In our climate, the winter cloth parks must necessarily be water-repellent.
  5. Choose a parka with breast and large pockets in the side – it will give you an opportunity to warm your hands in winter, as well as to put the necessary things there. Many manufacturers do not provide parkas with pockets, or just make them artificial – only for appearance.
  6. Parka should have slimming laces which you can use to tighten the product on a figure at the waist and at the bottom,that will protect your legs and hips from the cold wind. In addition, the laces make parkalook stylish and original.
  7. Necessarily pay attention to the accessories material. If zippers are made of iron - they are likely to be highly freezed in the cold, and create discomfort during fastening a product. The best option for parka are plastic zippers.

We have reviewed the main points which one have to pay attention to when choosing the parka.

To sum up, we can say that buying the park from the manufacturer, you get a new format of a youth jackets, which will become your best friend in the cold season.

Our company Milhan conducts long and laborious work for creating your comfort and convenience. By purchasing Milhan parka with natural raccoon, fox fur or artificial sheepskin, you buy a beautiful and high-quality jacket from both inside and outside for yourself, and also the ability to stay stylish and beautiful even in the times of the high frost, the ability to regulate product on your figure, beautiful exterior trim with quality accessories and, of course, enthusiastic views of friends and passers-by!

The manufacturer of outerwear Milhan gives you not only the variety of choices, but it is also your principal assistant and advisor in selecting products, not to mentioning saving money when purchasing winter women's parkas wholesale and retail.

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