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How you can minimize the risk of buying through the Internet, when paying for goods and services?

Shopping on the Internet recently has seemed exotic to everybody. Today, nobody is surprised with purchased tickets, books, mobile phones and even reserved hotel rooms at very attractive prices on the internet.

Payment for online purchases with plastic cards is one of the most comfortable ways of payment. With the sales rise in online stores, the volume of transactions on the cards in the network had increased. And with this the bank desire and payment systems not to lose its consumer and their source of income, therefore a variety of ways how to protect customers from the actions of fraudsters is developed and improved.

SECURITY POLICY DURING payment by credit card

Payment by card occurs with the help of a safe and reliable system of processing center in Ukraine. The use of modern technological solutions UPC allows to base the system on a certified hardware that complies with international payment systems, and all safety requirements to such systems today. For online payments the buyer has guarantee of full security the transaction with credit and debit cards, the system uses the most advanced 3-D Secure technology. 3-D Technology Secure reduces the risk of fraud to zero. This is achieved through the use of advanced safety standards, namely the use of 3-D Secure, which necessarily authenticates the card holder when paying, namely the use of 3-D Secure, which necessarily authenticates the card holder when paying. Authentication is carried out on a special bank server that issued the card, which requires a username and password, known only to the cardholder. So, to carry out payment only the card number is not enough. For extra safety during the data transmission on the internet the SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) is used. The UPC system accepts Visa Cards, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Cirrus / Maestro, MasterCard Electronic, issued by any bank in the world. In order for your credit card safety, data is not saved on our Web server.